1. It promises us God’s forgiveness through our faith in Christ.
  2. It promises that Christ died in the place of sinners.
  3. It gives believers eternal life, glory, honor, and peace.
  4. It promises rewards for the faithful.
  5. It fills believers with righteousness and goodness.
  6. It makes us content with our lot.
  7. It shows us that we’re all equal by nature.
  8. It makes believers loving.
  9. It condemns evildoers.
  10. It blesses believers.
  11. It saves sinners.
  12. It enlightens the understanding of sinners.
  13. It gives sinners the knowledge of God.
  14. It purifies the impure.
  15. It makes haters of God to love God.
  16. It instructs sinners to live sensibly and godly.
  17. It turns sinners into saints.
  18. It grants believers self-control.
  19. It teaches liars to speak the truth.
  20. It makes lovers of self to hate themselves.
  21. It shows money-lovers the deceitfulness of wealth.
  22. It humbles the arrogant.
  23. It blesses revilers.
  24. It makes the ungrateful thankful.
  25. It makes contentious people peaceable.
  26. It orders the disorderly.
  27. It softens the brutal.
  28. It shows the goodness of good.
  29. It shows the faithfulness of Christ.
  30. It gives lovers of pleasure pleasures forevermore.
  31. It teaches wisdom to the foolish.
  32. It teaches obedience to the disobedient.
  33. It teaches truth to the deceived.
  34. It sets those free who are enslaved by sin.
  35. It teaches the hateful to love their neighbors.
  36. It gives joy to the empty and hopeless.