In this passage, Paul teaches the Corinthians that women should submit to male leadership in the church assembly. He begins by praising them for remembering the traditions that he taught them. However, he expresses his desire that they understand that Christ is the authority over every man, and that men are the authorities over every woman, and that the Father is the authority over Christ. In this context, Paul says that any man who has something on his head while praying or prophesying disgraces himself. In addition, every woman who does the same things with her head uncovered disgraces herself because it is as if she has a shaved head. Therefore, Paul commands, women should have their heads covered. However, in the case of a man, he says, a man should not have his head covered because he is the direct image of God, while the woman is the direct image of man. This is because woman originates from man, since Eve was created for Adam. Therefore, Paul says, women should have a symbol of authority on their heads, or a head covering, because the angels see everything that they do.

In verse 11, Paul diverges from his main point by saying that no one is independent of anyone else in the church. This is because man is created through woman, and everything comes from God.

Then, Paul returns to his main point by commanding the Corinthians to judge the matter, which is the question of whether it is proper for a woman to pray with her head uncovered. Next, he moves to an argument based on nature, in which he says that it is unnatural for men to have long hair, but it is natural for women to have long hair. This is because the woman’s hair is a covering. Finally, Paul argues, no church has any other practice than that women cover their heads while praying or prophesying.