In this passage, Paul shares his intentions with the Roman church. First, he explains that he recognizes that they are full of goodness, filled with all the knowledge that has been given to them, and able to warn one another. However, he says, he wrote the letter with boldness to remind them of the knowledge that they have because he was made a minister of the gospel to the Gentiles, to share the gospel, so that the Gentiles would be acceptable to God through sanctification. Therefore, Paul continues, he has reason to boast in things about God because he is only willing to boast in what Christ has accomplished through him, which resulted in the obedience of Gentiles, in the power of miracles, and in the power of the Spirit. Thus, he fully preached the gospel from Jerusalem to Illyricum. Therefore, he says, he aspired to preach the gospel where Christ has never been named.

In verse 22, he explains that he has often been prevented from going to the Roman Christians, but he has no further place where Christ has never been named in the regions in which he is located. Therefore, he says, he hopes to go to Rome on his way to Spain. However, at present, he is going to Jerusalem to deliver a financial gift from Gentiles to Jews.

In verse 30, Paul commands the Romans to pray for Paul, that he would be rescued from disobedient people in Israel, and that the Jerusalem saints would accept his service to them. The purpose of all this is so that he may go to the Romans in joy, and be refreshed by their company.