In this passage, Paul commands his audience how they ought to love others. He begins by commanding them to make sure that their love is without hypocrisy. Therefore, they are to hate evil things, and to devote themselves to good things. Therefore, they are to devote themselves to one another in familial love. Therefore, they are to honor one another, be fervent in their service to the Lord, rejoice in their hope, persevere in trouble, devote themselves to prayer, meet one another’s needs, and practice hospitality.

In verse 14, Paul begins to command his audience how they ought to love their neighbor as themselves. First, they are to bless their persecutors. Secondly, they are to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Thirdly, they are to live in harmony with each other, and associate with the poor, awkward, outcasts, or weak. Fourthly, they are to not esteem themselves as wise. Next, they are to abstain from seeking revenge. Also, they are to respect what everyone respects. In addition, they are to attempt to live in peace with everyone. Furthermore, they are to allow God to take revenge for them. Moreover, they are to bless their enemies so as to put them to shame. In other words, they are to overcome evil with goodness.