Paul begins this passage by explaining why believers suffer with Christ so that they may be glorified with Him: the suffering is incomparable to the glory that will be revealed to them. According to verse 19, that is at least one of the reasons why the creation longs for the glorification of believers. Furthermore, it was brought to futility by God, so that it could be set free from futility by sharing in the glory of believers. The reason why believers know that this is the case is that they know that the creation groans and suffers pain from childbirth. That means that its suffering will eventually lead to new life, or the childbirth itself. In addition, Paul says in verse 23, believers groan, and eagerly await their glorification, or the redemption of their bodies. The reason for this is that they were saved in hope, which means that they are hoping for a future reality, not a present one. Therefore, they persevere in waiting for that future one.

In verse 26, Paul says that the Spirit helps believers’ weaknesses as they groan because of their present condition, and their future hope. The weakness is that they do not know how to pray as they should, so the Spirit prays for them. In addition, God, who searches believers’ hearts, knows the Spirit’s mind because the Spirit intercedes for believers according to God’s will.

In verse 28, Paul ends with more hope, which is the fact that believers know that God causes everything to work together for the good of believers, who obey God, and were called, or born again by the Spirit through the gift of understanding the gospel, according to God’s purpose.