In this passage, Paul explicitly details some results of being justified by faith, and the object of that faith. He begins by using the word, “therefore,” indicating that he is giving the result of the previous idea, which was justification by faith. The first result of being justified by God is peace with Him. This assumes that those who are justified were at war with God before their justification. However, now they live in harmony with God. However, this peace is not solely through justification, but primarily through the Lord, or Supreme Authority, Jesus Christ. In addition to peace, those who are justified also have access to grace, and stand, or live, in it through the Lord. Therefore, they boast in the hope of experiencing God’s unveiled glory.

In addition, those who have peace with God boast in their troubles because they know that trouble leads to perseverance in trouble, that perseverance leads to tested character, and that that character leads to hope. This hope is an assurance of what the future will bring, and it is not a vain hope because those who have it also have God’s love through His Spirit.

In verse 6, Paul begins to give reasons for which Christians have the hope of God’s glory. The first one is that Christ died for the helpless and the ungodly. The reason that this can be considered a reason for the hope of God’s glory is that people hardly die for outwardly righteous men, and that it is almost impossible for people to die for inwardly good men. Therefore, if people hardly die for people who are morally better than sinners are, it is a demonstration of God’s love that Christ would die for sinners, who are neither righteous nor good. An implication of this demonstration is that, once a person has been treated as righteous by God, he or she certainly will be saved from God’s wrath against sinners. In other words, if Christ died for unjustified sinners, then He will certainly save justified righteous people. In effect, Paul says the same thing when he explains that, if Christians were reconciled to God while His enemies, through the death of His Son, it is much more certain that they will be saved by His life. The final reason that Paul gives for having hope in God’s glory is that Christians boast in God through Christ. Therefore, they can be confident that they will experience God’s glory.